Two Week Wait…

Here we are, in the middle of another two week wait….in the middle of the Holiday season.  I have so many emotions running through me right now.  Two days ago I was sure I was pregnant.  Extreme fatigue, cramping that seemed just right.  Today I am convinced that I am not because I woke up feeling energetic, I have no pain in my breasts, and my cramps feel more like an upcoming period than pregnancy.

The truth is, I have no clue either way.  All I am doing is driving myself crazy by googling every symptom I am feeling until I find something, anything, that proves it is a sign of early pregnancy.

I know my life will still be beautiful if this does not work, but I really hope this works.  With every fiber of my soul I hope this works.  I hope this works for me, for my husband, for our entire family that has been on this crazy fertility journey with us.  I feel responsible of robbing everyone of a child, because it is my body that can’t seem to keep to keep a fetus alive.

I find out Friday.  Until then, I will continue to struggle with keeping the hope alive.





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