Insurance Company DRAMA · IVF · miscarriage

I Love/Hate my Insurance Company


Bryan (my husband) and I recently switched insurance companies.  The MAJOR plus is that IVF is covered, all that we are responsible for paying for are our office copays (and that pesky $7,700 for genetic testing since we are a “repeated loss” couple….).  For this, I am eternally grateful because I know there are many people who have to pay for everything out of pocket.  For this, I love my insurance company.

Yet in this moment, as I sit here typing, I hate my insurance company.  We used Schraft for our medication during the first IUI and it was a breeze.  The people were friendly, and every time they told us something it was true.  Every single date they gave, whether it was a phone call or shipping, was REAL.  Well, our new insurance won’t go through Schraft.  Ok, not a problem…right?  Wronggggggggg…after being transferred to not one, but two other medication suppliers we finally found the company our insurance will work with.  Freedom Fertility.  That name is a Joke with a capital J.   I haven’t felt less free working with a company in my life, chained to the damn phone trying to get the shots that Bryan will jam into my body parts for the foreseeable future.  Our medication was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but there is no delivery without $ and typically they call the day before delivery to get the copay from you.  Being an eager (and nervous) beaver I decided to be proactive.  I HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR OVER A WEEK.  Every time I get “your order is processing, someone will call you tonight with your copay.”  Liar.  Your pants are on FIRE LIAR LADY!

Today I decided to take no shit, and I told them that I was not hanging up the phone without answers.   Apparently they need to speak to my doctor because my insurance company (who I hate in this moment, have I mentioned that yet?) requires prior authorization, and needs to switch one of the brands of medicine.  After a full week of me calling them, they just called my doctor tonight, at almost 8:00.  Genius.

As if this process isn’t daunting enough.  Let’s make the acquisition of allllll the needles as painful as possible.

I was proud of myself for being firm, and remaining emotionally constant through the entire process.  Then, my husband made me a cup of tea and the string of my teabag fell into the burning hot liquid….and I cried hysterically for 10 minutes.


#IVF Strong.

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